Male Drive® Super Guarantee

We have a guarantee like no other because we have a product like no other.

Maybe you’ve tried other male performance products before and they didn’t work for you.

Male Drive works for the majority of all men.


Take Male Drive® twice daily for 10 days.
If it doesn’t boost your performance to your satisfaction we will refund to you:

  1. ALL of Your Purchase Price.
  2. ALL of Your Shipping Costs.
  3. AND… We will pay YOU $20.00 just for trying Male Drive®.

Example: Male Drive® $29.95 plus $6 p&h (or exact tax) = $35.95
Return the unused portion to us and receive back 35.95 + $5 + $20 = $60.95

Mail the bottle back to:

ATLANTA GA 30336-2026

  • original receipt required if not purchased directly from MaleDrive.com
  • only 1 Super Guarantee Refund per person or household
  • a maximum refund of three bottles and a maximum refund time from date of purchase of 90 days
  • limited time offer
  • original MaleDrive.com purchase amount made on credit cards will be credited back to the same credit card and a check for the additional amount mailed to the purchasing person and address.

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