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Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing, irritating and emotionally damaging. The causes are well known, and general prevention advice talks about regular exercise, good diet, and enough sleep. However, is there anything else that you can do to improve your ED issues?

There are plenty of pills that can be taken that will produce immediate results. Viagra for instance, is a pill for male enhancement that works fast. There are many others that can be prescribed by the doctor. However, these pills do not address underlying problems that may be causing your little man to not stand tall. While is it is great to sometimes take a male enhancement that works in 30 minutes or less, we should look at some natural alternatives that will help you solve your problem permanently.

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Let’s take a look at two specific areas that can effect ED, and how to combat them naturally.

Blood Flow Issues

One of the major causes for ED is problems with blood flow. The root cause of this can be high cholesterol, blood pressure or clogged blood vessels. As a result, the process of getting an erection can be inhibited by the weak blood flow. So are there male enhancement pills that work for this? In short yes, there are. They come in the form of several supplements that have been reported as working very well.

L- Arginine. This supplement has been seen to improve overall circulation in the body. The specific ways that it helps with ED is that it has a decent amount of Nitric Oxide in it. This chemical is very important in the maintenance of an erection. Another great reason why L – Arginine can help you with your ED is that it improves overall blood flow. Since your erection is powered by blood flow, ensuring that you can supply the blood needed is important. This is a supplement for male enhancement that works!

Pyncnogenol. This supplement is commonly used in relation to circulation based ailments. Erectile Dysfunction is one of those ailments. This chemical is naturally occurring in some tree barks, peanut skin and grapes, but using a concentrated supplement will deliver much more to your body than chewing on a tree or eating a million peanuts.

So we have seen that these two naturally occurring remedies can be used in treating ED, but do we have any statistics to back this up? Yes, we do. In fact, a study carried out on 40 men took place. All of these men had ED. They were given doses of both supplements. Over 60 days, 80% of the test subjects claimed to be experiencing regular erections. After 3 months, that number had climbed to 92%. Quite a conclusive study!

In fact, these studies have been shown to not only help with ED, but have increased fertility too. Other supplements that have shown promise in restoring normal sexual function include Ginko Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Epimedium, and Yohimbe. There are so many options, so some research and good choices could benefit you greatly.

Testosterone and Prostate Function

As a man get older, there is almost always a dip in the level of testosterone in the body. There are also many prostate related issues that many men have to combat. In the case of testosterone, there is no exact link with this and ED, however, testosterone is a huge hormone for the male libido, and thus has an indirect, but powerful effect on ED. With the prostate gland, the medication often taken to treat an enlarged prostate can have a negative effect on testosterone.

To recap, testosterone is important for the male libido, and prostate medication can often lower your testosterone levels.
This being the case, what natural remedies are there to solve this problem?

Tribulus Terrestris

This supplement has been seen to work wonders in low testosterone men, boosting levels up to 16% within a few weeks. More importantly though, the frequency of sex and strength of erections were reportedly increased hugely. This increase is due in part mainly to in increase in libido that testosterone brings.


This supplement in many studies has been shown to increase libido in men suffering from sexual dysfunctions, this, although not hugely affecting testosterone has a healthy benefit for those suffering from ED. This supplement can be used in cooking, or taken in pill and tablet form.

There are many other testosterone boosting supplements that you can choose from, ginger, and many other root plants have proven testosterone increasing properties. Libido is important when treating ED, so make sure you are well informed about all the male enhancement products that work for the libido.

In conclusion, there are many great supplements out there that can help you to naturally overcome erectile dysfunction. Getting educated and working them into your overall diet and exercise plan can get you back in the sack in no time!

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Male Enhancements That Really Work

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