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Male Drive® was developed to help married men. The top two reasons cited for divorce are money and sex. One minister who does marriage counseling commented, “Most couples with marital problems also have problems in the bedroom. I have only counseled one couple who said that they had a very satisfying sex life. That one couple remained together and from my experience I believe there is a very strong correlation between a satisfactory sex life and a couple’s likelihood of not divorcing. When the sex is bad or dead, it often kills the marriage.”

There are many factors that can cause a couple’s sex life to go south and often the lack or loss of sexual desire and ability to perform is at the top of the list. Another marriage counselor who hosts a relationship talk show commented that there were five times more female callers than male callers who were dissatisfied with their spouse’s ability to perform.

Sex is safer, better and more fulfilling, when it’s within the confines of marriage and married men need to be able to have maximum performance. Call Male Drive® “A Marriage Counselor in a Bottle” if you will but it will help revive a couple’s lackluster sex life and possibly could help save their marriage.

Male Drive® is designed to be taken every day so that it improves your overall glandular health and body functioning. This allows you to be ready at a moment’s notice much like you were in your teens and twenties. Male Drive® can work as fast as 30 minutes or less but it usually takes much longer in older men. When performance and erection is really low it averages 3 to 7 days before Male Drive® kicks in.

The longer your system has been sexually inactive, the longer it will take to restore it. Remember that Male Drive is working on other systems instead of just the sexual system. For example, Male Drive contains Saw Palmetto which has been shown in this study to help with baldness in six out of ten men so in addition to the prostate and cardiovascular benefits, Male Drive® helps many male systems.

That’s the beauty, power, and health of Male Drive®. Although it can and usually does work very fast in younger men, it’s designed to rebuild your sexual and other systems instead of just stimulating it.

No, even some pharmaceuticals don’t work on all men. We’ve found that Male Drive® works for about two-thirds of men who take it. Roughly one-third will see no sexual improvement results whatsoever but they will receive the health benefits of the extra ingredients. We have found that men with diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction respond the lowest to Male Drive®.

Surprisingly, it does work on about half of women. About 45-50% of women will experience an increase in sex drive when taking Male Drive®.

Because it contains nitric oxide boosters, which essentially increases blood flow to the genitals and women also have genitals.

Always check with your doctor before taking natural libido boosters.

None of the ingredients in Male Drive® raise blood pressure or affect you if you have diabetes. Male Drive® has not been shown to increase blood pressure.

Yes, you can open and empty the capsules into tea, juice or any other beverage. Male Drive® has an herbal tea taste and you can actually make a tea from it.

Absolutely! Not only will we give you your purchase price back, but we give you the shipping (both ways) back too.

You should not take over 9 capsules per dose and that only applies if you weigh over 200 pounds. Those under 200 pounds should not take more than 6 capsules per dose.