Four Reasons To Try Male Drive

Here is why YOU should TRY Male Drive®… 1. You can try MaleDrive 100% RISK-FREE! We don’t ask you to risk anything. The odds are in your favor! When it works… WOW! If Male Drive does not perform for you as advertised,  YOU Get Your Money Back and plus more. 2. Male Drive Works! Sure, all male enhancement products CLAIM to work but do they really? Consider this, for an all natural product to work there are…

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Causes of Low Testosterone

Common Health Issues and Low Testosterone Low testosterone has long been the bane of many men's existence. It wreaks havoc with your sex drive, causes hair loss, makes you tired and can even change your personality and cause depression. However many men may not realize there are many health issues associated with low testosterone. It is important to be aware of the health issues as well as how to boost testosterone. Anemia Anemia is an… Continue reading

Prostate Health: Natural Treatment For Prostate

Why Regular Prostate Checkup is Important The prostate is a gland that becomes a part of the male reproductive system. Basically, the function of the prostate gland is to store and produce a clear, liquid substance that makes up to a third of the volume of semen. It also bathes the sperm and thus provides the necessary nourishment so the sperm is able to swim. The prostate gland also has several smooth muscles that will… Continue reading

Know the Facts – STD Statistics

By Kelly Purden An STD or a sexually transmitted disease is something that someone does not want to hear that he or she has. Getting an STD just means that you have just been hit with the consequence of an action that was executed irresponsibly. There are two things to do now. Research and look up the facts related to the disease, and get you treated by a medical professional. Reading this is a great… Continue reading

A Woman’s Point of View On Erectile Dsyfunction

My experience with gentlemen with ED I’ve had two relationships with men that had ED.  They were both on medication and both over 40.  One of the gentlemen was very upfront about the issue stating his high blood pressure medicine caused him to either lose an erection quickly or he experienced trouble getting an erection.  He didn’t want me to take it personally if he wasn’t getting aroused during foreplay.  We preplanned our sexual encounters…

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