Male Sexual Health

The ABC of Men’s Sexual Health

In today’s society a man’s opinion of himself in closely linked to his sexual performance. When sexual health issues arise, it can leave men feeling inadequate with low self-esteem, damaging your romantic relationship and sexual intimacy with your wife.

Although most men experience sexual health problems at some point in their life to some degree, for others it becomes an ongoing concern.

What are the most common sexual health problems?

There are a variety of sexual health problems which affect the performance, confidence and relationships of men on a global scale;

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Low libido and lack of interest in sex
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed/absent ejaculation

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction , also known as ED, is when it proves impossible to get or keep an erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse. It is sometimes known as “Sexual impotence.” Erectile Dysfunction is more common than it is led to believe. It is typically associated with reaching a certain age of maturity, although not inevitable.

At times, ED can be the result of a lack of blood flow, such as a problem with an artery restricting blood flow from the heart to the penis, stress, performance anxiety, and depression. Certain medical conditions and medications can also attribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

Is Erectile dysfunction common?

Today, Erectile Dysfunction affects over 30 million men in the US. 30-50 percent of these men are aged between 40 and 70. Erectile Dysfunction is also said to affect 1 in 4 men under 40 years of age, 5 % of men in their 40s, and 15 – 25 % of men ages 65 years.

Although Erectile Dysfunction is linked to men of an older age, Erectile Dysfunction can pose as problematic to the male sexual health of almost anyone. Many men experience some form of ED at some or other point in their lives, especially during times of severe stress.

While Erectile Dysfunction is more prevalent in older males, is not necessarily a guarantee that they will develop this problem. With age, it becomes increasingly difficult to get or keep an erection during sexual intercourse.

Studies suggest that ED is prevalent in:

  • 21 % of white males…
  • 24 % of blacks males and in…
  • 19. 5 % Hispanic males – over the age of 40.

Do I Have ED?

It’s date night. You plan on spoiling the Mrs with a dinner prepared by “yours truly”, rose petals, candles- the works. Romantic music playing in the background – the ambiance is set. After dessert you find yourself flustered under the collar. The entire night she has been passing suggestive glances your way. You can no longer contain yourself as she makes her way to the bedroom. She wants you just as much as you want her. Things start getting hot and heavy under the covers. Then all of a sudden – limp.

Embarrassed and humiliated, you find you are unable to perform. She looks at you with sympathy. “It’s okay, we can try again later;” she says. She rolls over to her side of the bed – the look of disappointment in her eyes. You start asking yourself what is wrong with you. You ponder at the thought of your lover feeling unwanted and unattractive – although, that is most assuredly, NOT the case. How do you explain to her that it is not her, it is most defiantly you?

Have you ever found yourself in this position of frustration, lying there beating yourself up?

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems in men are more common that you might like to think. It can affect just about any man. These problems are not specific to race or creed. Sexual health problems, such as these, can ruin your marital relationship if not addressed or left untreated.

What are the common causes of a low libido and lack of sexual interest?

Men in general, are ashamed to admit to their partners that they have a little-to-no sexual desire for them. As this topic has been dubbed “taboo” very few men are willing to speak up or seek help to rectify the problem.

A low libido affects 1 in 5 men . With age the male sex hormone knows as “testosterone” takes a dive. This creates little to no sexual desire. Low testosterone resulting in age is not the only reason for a lack of libido. Some chronic medications and low Thyroid Hormone strongly attribute to the lack of sexual need or desire. High levels of the hormone Prolactin (produce by a gland at the base of the brain) can also greatly interfere with men’s sexual performance and hormone levels.

What can be done about decreased libido?

The first thing men worry about being unable to perform sexually. The good news is that scientific research has uncovered the various reasons why men have these disappointing and frustrating experiences. Much of these problems have been attributed to generally poor health, poor circulation, and lack of exercise.

But don’t run to the doctor’s office just yet! A few small changes to your lifestyle can help get you back on the horse – full-throttle.

exercise for male sexual health

Treatments and cures for male sexual health issues:

Although most men have experienced some form of ED at a point in their lives – in this case, there is nothing to worry about – it is completely normal. These usually derive from factors such as too much alcohol consumption or being over-tired. Research has suggested that making healthy lifestyle choices can, in fact, help rid men of health issues that impact their sexual activity.

Exercise to benefit male sexual health:

As studies have suggested, Erectile Dysfunction can be attributed to Cardiovascular problems. Increasing the blood flow to the penis during daily exercise can restore the much-needed blood flow to your sexual organ. Exercise also promotes the release of Endorphin’s, a natural anti-depressant which can increase your libido and sex drive. Pelvic floor excesses such as “Kegels” can also help to diminish premature ejaculation issues. Increased fitness not only promotes blood flow to the genitals but also build confidence.

Healthy diet promoting better sexual health in males:

Blocked arteries from saturated fats diminish blood flow from the cardiovascular regions to the genitals. Unclogging them by introducing healthy foods to your diet can quickly help you regain your sexual vigor. Research has shown an increased link to erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Obesity plays havoc on the body’s hormones and has been known to unbalance sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. This promotes a lower libido through the lack of testosterone. Not enough of iron increases fatigue, which also leads to a lower sex drive.

Natural vitamins and supplements aiding Male sexual Health:

  • L-arginine – This amino acid turns into nitric acid in your body. It is suggested that you take 5 grams over a 6 week period to see improvements in erection.
  • Niacin – This “B” Vitamin helps to improve and raise your body’s good cholesterol. As high, harmful cholesterol is linked to Erectile dysfunctions, men who took 1,500 milligrams over a 12-week period saw drastic improvements.
  • Propionyl-L-carnitine- Propionyl- L- Carnitine, amino acid, can be found in the body and boosts the metabolism. This powerful amino, when used in conjunction with Viagra, can help men with Diabetes and ED increasing blood flow.

Making these changes can help you regain your sexual desire and passion in the bedroom. However, if you suffer from an ongoing sexual health issue, even after making healthy lifestyle changes, you should consult a medical professional (Psychologist, Primary Physician, or Urologist) to get the specific help you need.

healthy diet

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